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Creating an online store is easier with ready-made templates

ADAptive design
Sell across all devices: Desktops, tablets, or smartphones
There is no need to duplicate work or adjust the layout for tablets and smartphones. Your online store will automatically adapt to every device and will look great across all of them.
Receive card payments using convenient payment systems
Connect a payment system, such as PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout and set the currency–your customers will be able to safely pay for goods and services using Visa or MasterCard, mobile payments, or online banking services.
Customers will find you in Google search for sure
All projects created on Tilda show high search results thanks to the SEO-friendly website structure consisting of sequential blocks. Additionally, SEO specialists will find all the tools they need for further website optimization: H1 and alt image tags, descriptions and keywords, user-friendly URLs, robots and sitemap files.

Selected online stores made on Tilda

Unusual leather backpacks
Futuristic clothing brand
Minimalist linen bedding
It only takes 15 seconds. No credit card required. Design a simple and affordable online store in no time on Tilda.
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We've thought of everything. Convenient features to create a remarkable online shopping experience
Customers can add items to the cart, view product specifications, customize additional services (such as delivery), and place an order. Then choose whether to pay online or upon delivery.
Choosing additional options when placing an order
To make shopping easier for his clients, Andy introduced product options and additional services. For example, a gift-wrapped poster would cost $5 more. He also set up delivery options in a way that the total amount is automatically recalculated, according to the selected delivery method.
Purchasing several items by adding them to the cart
William created InStore–his e-commerce website–to sell gifts, accessories, and other trinkets. He added product cards, uploaded images, descriptions, specified size options and prices, and highlighted products that are on sale. Now, the customers can add several stickers, bags, a couple of red and yellow notebooks to the cart, then select a delivery option, and place their order in just a few seconds.
Managing customer orders
Jane makes leather accessories and sells them online. Some customers buy ready-made items, while others place special orders. To keep her customer base organized and keep track of all the incoming requests, she collects the orders in a CRM table and an online messenger. Jane has also set up an automated newsletter for those clients who made a purchase.
Customize your product order form
With our customizable forms, you can set up the order form that works best for you. Manage every input field of the form: add a courier delivery option and multiple payment methods.
Online store statistics
With online store statistics, you can easily track your business performance. Get reports on order count, total sales, average order value, conversion rate, repeat purchases, and other metrics. This information gives you useful insights about your customers and helps you increase sales. Make balanced business decisions based on real data.

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Easier online store management with Tilda Product Catalog
Organize items in a list and edit product properties in the catalog control panel.
Create products categories
Keep track of your available stock
Add new items manually or use the import option if you have a large inventory
Managing stock is easy with online catalog
Control and manage stock in your catalog. All the changes made inside your catalog are instantly displayed on the website.
Keep track of your stock
Quantity of products left in stock may decrease as your sales increase. Stock control will prevent you from selling an out-of-stock item.
Products variants
One product can come in more than one option. If you're selling armchairs, you can add leather or fabric upholstery, and different color options. The price can vary, too.
A unique page indexed by search engines is automatically created for each product. A sitemap-store.xml file is also generated and can be added to Google Search Console, for example.
Additional options
In addition to selling a product, you can gift-wrap it or ship it by courier. Provide this information in the "Additional options" tab.
Importing and exporting products
Importing CSV formatted data will help to upload your inventory to the catalog quickly. Use YML formatted data to add products to Yandex.Market.
Filtering products by parameters
You can filter all products in your online store, for example, by color, material, brand, or product type. You decide which filters will be applied to your goods or services.
Sorting products
Sort the products by price, alphabetical order, or display newest products first. Filters will make the results even more precise.
Searching for products
Use the search bar to find products by a keyword.

Filters and product search in a product catalog
Now you can filter the product list in your online store by their type, sort them, or find the product you need by using the search bar on your website.
Product filter
Sorting products
Searching for products
Maintain your customer database and manage sales in a built-in CRM
Referral traffic stats
CRM is a free built-in Tilda tool
Visual dashboard
Leave comments to client orders
Simple drag-and-drop lead management
Number of visits and page views per user
Send simple or HTML emails to your leads directly from CRM
Check the number of orders per user
Adding collaborators to CRM for free
Create your contact database automatically or manually
Download your contact list in CSV format
Grant your collaborators full or limited access

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