Campaign URL Builder

Create a link with UTM parameters for an advertising campaign

When should I use UTM parameters?

  • You are running an advertising campaign on Google or social networks and want to know, where your users are coming from.
  • You use other ways to attract readers and potential customers and want to know more about where they come from.
  • You send newsletters to your subscribers using e-marketing services, and you want to track their success rates.

Your URL address

Traffic source

Required parameters

Campaign source
utm_source ?
Campaign medium
utm_medium ?
Campaign name
utm_campaign ?

Optional parameters

Campaign content
utm_content ?
Campaign term
utm_term ?



Additional settings

Short link was created

Dynamic URL parameters, and how to use them

Dynamic URL parameters automatically identify the values and add extra information to contextual advertising so you can find out, for example, which device type (mobile or desktop) the click came from.

These parameters are called `dynamic` because they can change their value. For example, if you use the tag utm_term={keyword}, then Google Ads will automatically substitute {keyword} with the keyword phrase that led to the click.

Dynamic URL parameters are often used in the utm_content parameter but you can also configure them for other parameters.

Avoid errors: UTM generator checklist

  • The URL contains no more than one question mark ?.
  • Each parameter starts with one ampersand &.
  • Characters that interfere with analytics are replaced automatically #, &, =.
  • Duplicate http or https are removed automatically http, https.
  • Convert to lowercase.
  • Escape sequences or optional transliteration of the Cyrillic characters.
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